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Learn how to grow mushrooms

and make sustainable future for your family, community and livelihood

Remember those careless moments from your childhood when you were playing and not competing? When you weren’t hurrying but socializing and cooperating inside your small community? The worse thing that could happen to us is to disconnect from ourselves. From our beliefs, from our family and friends, our dreams and hopes.

If you’re exhausted working for someone else’s goals and dreams, if you feel that just earning money shouldn’t be the main motivation for your work, that beside the budget filling you also have to fill your soul, heart and mind and if you think that your nature is not in line with the way you live today, then we have the solution for a wonderful compromise!

On basis of our knowledge and 30 years of expertise, we designed the Course that’s giving you all you need to know about mushroom cultivation and how to tailor your business model according to your local resources to become successful mushroom producer. And that’s not all, you’ll learn from nature, make your own decisions and take responsibility for them.

How many hours a day you spend away from your closest ones? 8, 9, 10? That’s most of your time while you’re awake! The most valuable experience we can share with you is the freedom to organize your family and community members to be part of your business, as well as your everyday life.

After 30 years of expertise, we educated over 70 people from more than 30 different countries. The result is over 30 mushroom cultivation businesses running on the foundation of knowledge transferred through Ekofungi School.

Here are the most successful ones, so feel free to shoot them an email with any questions you might have.

Ivanka Milenkovic and oyster mushrooms.Eko Fungi factory in Belgrade.

Mushroom cultivation is a way to reconnect with yourself, your loving ones and your environment, but it requires hard work as well.

We’re not going to tell you that it’s easy and that everything will be going smoothly, but all of the hard work, patience, research, suspense and doubt from some of your friends and family members is paid off at the end through, what we like to call it, fruits of independent entrepreneurship on basis of the Blue Economy! It is practically a way to make outputs from your local surroundings as a free inputs for your future business!

Here are the most important ones that we experienced and that you can
expect if you start your mushroom production business:
You will be responsible for all ups and downs
You’ll be in a good shape
You will manage your time for work, family and friends
You’ll feel the inner peace while working

Knowing that your business isn’t a threat to a people or an environment. On the contrary!

You will have lot of fun while working hard
Your company will stand out

Because of its unique approach in reducing local cellulose waste.

You will have secured income

Since you’ll produce food suitable for all ages and health conditions.

If all of this sounds too good to be truth to you, have a look at some of our trainees impressions:
Thank you again very much Ivanka for this introduction to the magic world of Mushrooms. You have a great energy and background and it is much appreciated. We'll need several weeks to digest all this training, adjust it to our Kazakhstan model, and see if and how our project can be born....
It was a great experience. I started with no competence when I arrived and I came back home able to grow mushrooms in a very easy and sustainable way. The course gave to me the elements to understand if I can turn a passion in a job. In my case, it will remain a magic passion. So.. target reached! In addition to this, the instructors were all very kindly, lovely, welcoming and qualified. Thanks for all.
With a big thank you, I dedicate this to our teacher Ivanka for all the “meraki” she has put throughout the years in her mushroom business. She definitely communicated her Mushroom Meraki on to us. We need it to survive and thrive. Meraki: To do something with soul, creativity or love, leaving a piece of yourself in to what you are doing.
After five days with Ivanka and staff at Ekofungi, I went from being clueless about mushroom-growing to having a precise, practical plan of how to implement my project in Paris. It was a precious educational experience to have lectures on the basics of mushroom biology, to hear about various mushroom-growing case studies, to discuss feasibility and setup of my own project–including aspects of the business plan, and to observe Ekofungi’s production operations. Their combination of research and commercial production also helped me understand the wider context of international mushroom-growing. Last and not least, it was a pleasure to meet professionals who appreciate the value of active, international social networks!
I just returned from this course [March 2018]. It was a wonderful experience and gave me an excellent base and framework to begin working with mushrooms in production, education and restoration. The hosts and course leaders are generous with information and time and you will get to see a good bit of Belgrade and its surroundings also! Grateful for the opportunity.
Ivanka acquainted me with all mushroom growing knowledge she has within a very short time frame. The learning journey has been eye-opening for a total new grower. The hands-on experiences give me a great base to explore the growing possibilities in Taiwan.
Ivanka Milenkovic is such a source of inspiration!
Our new project in Northern Italy is powered by Ekofungi!
Ekofungi is very open and extremely professional.
Academic and practical instruction was very precious.
With Ekofungi you will have fun with special people while gathering precious information for concrete implementation
When we were starting Rotterzwam we had a lot of questions, questions that don’t get answered in a book or on the Internet. That’s why visited Ivanka at Sistem Ekofungi. During our visit she showed the low tech techniques she used, the low cost growing units and a revolutionary way of pasteurizing the substrate. Ivanka is both a scientist and an entrepreneur, a combination you rarely see. The combination of her 27 years of experience as an entrepreneur and the scientific part is very valuable resource of information. I can strongly recommend going to this traineeship.
Together we make the world better place
With every Ekofungi product bought you're supporting The Future of Hope Foundation
The Future of Hope Foundation (TFoHF) is an organisation headquartered in Zimbabwe and founded in 2013. Our mission is to capacitate, collaborate with, support and mentor marginal and vulnerable members of society through entrepreneurial and self-development initiatives. We facilitate research and training in innovative initiatives that provide for and promote sustainable food, nutrition, and income security to improve the conditions necessary for every member of society to reach their full potential. 
If you’re serious about changing the way you live, we invite you to take our unique offer and we will show you that the only thing you need is the will to do it! You will have all the information and support to start your own business and change your life!
But that's not all!

All you have to do is to send us a copy of your ticket to Belgrade for the next course timeframe! This is enough for us to see that You’re serious about coming to Ekofungi School and from that moment on you have your seat booked!

You can pay us for the course upon your arrival, during or after the course! Whenever you’re convinced that we have the knowledge, experience and passion to transfer it all to you!

Our GOAL is not to grow our mushroom production business endlessly, but to involve as many new people as possible to do the same in their local communities!

Sign Up here and, for a start, we’ll send you a free copy of our Mushroom Cultivation Manual! As we said, you don’t need to pay anything yet 

Don’t let yourself feel angry and over-exhausted because you work for some company in which products or services you don’t truly believe or because you simply cannot find free time to spend with your family and  friends. The time is running, and it’s running fast, for you, your family and the livelihood on which all of us depend. Put your anxiety to an end.

Don’t miss your chance to do what you love and love what you do.

The internet changed the rules of the game. Entrepreneurs from all over the world are building their start-ups on the knowledge they collected from connections from other parts of the globe, and they all have one thing in common. They all love how they live their lives. They feel truly connected with their loving ones!

This was unbelievable just couple of years ago, but today we’re all closer to each other than ever before and we have the chance to individually find the solution for our happiness by visiting places and people who have done it. Now, YOU can learn from them and take your life into your hands. It’s not going to be easy, but compared to stress and fear for the future of our closest ones and our environment, it’s worth the effort!

Sign Up for free for our unique course and change your life from a root. We will send you our free materials about mushroom cultivation and its business models that are proven to work. But in order to do it yourself through the model tailored specifically for your surrounding and resources, you’ll need to come to Ekofungi School.