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How to use Ekofungi Mixes

Step by step guide

For the cooking of your favourite meal with Ekofungi mixes, you can use any of available mixes or pure mushrooms. Make a choice according the taste, feeling, wish, dispersals…  All of the proposed receipts, can be made with all sorts of Ekofungi mixes.

 First step Soak the contents of the bag in 2 decilitres of cold water. 1.4 oz of dehydrated Ekofungi mix equals approximately 17.64 oz or raw, unpeeled vegetables and mushrooms. 

Last up to 24 months,even if the package has been opened. 

Second step Leave in water for 10 minutes for complete rehydration. Our suggestion is to rehydrate in cold water also in hot. Third step Strain the water and add the product to you favorite dish. Everything is washed,peeled and chopped no prep work needed.  

Cooking has never been easier. Enjoy it!