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Blue Economy

Blue economy is a desire to use what is locally available and turn it into portfolio of opportunities.

Mushroom production in Ekofungi had started on 2003. Mission of the production and enterprise at all was and still is, to be a meeting  point between the science and daily praxis. Instead to copy already existing production models, which had been very financial demanded, founders of Ekofungi decided to implement innovative method of growing, in the plastic tunnels. Skepticism which could be founded all around, very soon had been blown up, as production had started very well, in the first 4 tunnels. During the time, and mostly in searching for the solutions for the problems (which always had been around) Ekofungi team, MSci Ivanka Milenkovic biologist and Dusan Mirkovic mechanical engineer together had created a few innovative solutions related substrata production for oyster mushroom growing. 

Also following the model of natural cycles, Ekofungi has created a circular model of the production, recognized by OECD as a first and unique circle economy model in this part of the Europe. Thanks of the circularity and with idea that small business development is only engine which may secure better future for all sector, Ekofungi had mad agreement and with local organic farmers created a new, innovative product, fancy food for the modern time. Recently the Ekofungi team joined Milos Mirkovic, and his young age blown in the new energy in Ekofungi, mainly in the marketing sector. 

We are on a constant quest to generate more value from what is considered unusable for further exploitation

Ekofungi is described as  one of the first 100 examples of the Blue economy, New stream in economy development philosophy, created by Gunter Pauli. In blue economy  nature but the high ethical approach in all aspects is the main pillar.

Ekofungi was recognized by the Serbian Innovation Found who granted 2 projects for the innovative solution development.  This was the very first recognition by local authorities and given wind in the back to the team, as projects had created possibilities that young scientists join EF team, with Dr Jovana Vunduk on the leadership position.

EKOFUNGI today, after almost 2 decades may truly confirm that its mission is fulfilled. Almost a new stream in the global mushroom industry was created thanks of the Approach. With specific atmosphere and serious are about the employees, proudly may be sad, that Blue economy in Economy in Ekofungi is not theory or goal, this is everyday touchable life.

As a SME, Ekofungi is a member of two scientific consortias, both created by most eminent scientific insitutions globaly. Both consortias are involved in the research and investigation projects supported by Europian Commision program HORIZON 2020: IPANEMA  and BIOCHAMP.

Besides the mentioned 2 projects, Ekofungi is also part of another important project. The Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) signed a Contribution Agreement with IFOAM – Organics International for the implementation of the Organic Trade for Development in Eastern Europe (OT4D) program, where Ekofungi was recognized as an important project partner for implementation.

The overall project goal is to accelerate the market uptake of organic farming in Serbia. The program has two components: Organic exports have significantly increased, and the Organic sector growth is sustainable

We turn waste into sustainable business opportunities in mushroom and vegetable cultivation.

The only organic mushroom production in South East Europe!