Blue economy is a desire to use what is locally available and turn it into portfolio of opportunities.

We are on a constant quest to generate more value from what is considered unusable for further exploitation

We turn waste into sustainable business opportunities in mushroom and vegetable cultivation.

Dr Jovana Vunduk explains how we should embrace the limitations throughout our business and gives example…


Ivanka Milenkovic, Director of Ekofungi – Entrepreneurship brings freedom, an end that is always more valuable than its required initial investments…

Ivanka Milenkovi

Reusing Coffee Waste

Dr Dario Toso –  coffee waste as a source of lipids and waxes for pharmaceutical production, then as a substrate for farming mushrooms, and finally as a medium to grow worms for vermicompost.

Going Beyond my Own Dreams

Gunter Pauli at TEDxTokyo -Batteries made from wood. Stone transformed into paper.Coffee turned in biochemicals to absorb odors and protect our skin from UV rays.

We realize our purpose by combining insight and innovation.

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