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EKOFUNGI Champignon 40G

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From morning omelette to stir-fry to pizza night, have the best within reach whenever you may need it. Product is obtain by cutting and dehydrating fresh white button mushrooms  fruit bodies according the manual of SOLARIS dehidrator.

Optimally dehydrated organic Champignon mushrooms

40g dehydrated = 500g fresh



1 review for EKOFUNGI Champignon 40G

  1. Karla Boje

    EKO Fungi is an innovative company from Belgrad, lifting sustainability in the mushroom production to the next level. They created a prime example of a circular economy, using organic waste to produce champignons and oyster mushrooms while reusing the compost of the production for further farming purposes. With a whole range of organic (fresh as well as dehydrated) mushrooms and vegetables, this company is truly working according to the principles of the Daur Project is an Indonesia based NGO empowering local communities to tackle plastic waste pollution by providing sustainable solutions. The NGO is currently operating in Lombok and Gili Air. Daur is the Indonesian word for cycle which emphasises system-thinking and the idea of recycling what we use. Daur aims to include the local youth, specifically women, in recycling activities to create a sustainable change. With their locally made eco-conscious recycling products made out of hard plastic waste, Daur raises awareness about the tremendous plastic waste issue in the Indonesian islands of Lombok and Gili.

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