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The most famous European urban mushroom farm based on reuse of coffee grounds

Rotterzwam is one of the most successful member of the Ekofungi School. Using the previous experience in business and management combined with the gained knowledge in the mushroom cultivation, Mark Slegers, as a leader of Rotterzwam, constantly improving the business in all segments. 

Award-winning circular concept for the high-quality reuse of coffee grounds and the production of oyster mushrooms and snacks. Specialist in locally closing cycles and awareness of sustainability. Located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Rotterzwam became very well-known mushroom cultivation company in the region.

After many years of successful partnership, friendship and selfless exchange of experience, expertise and information, Ekofungi and Rotterzwam are more than proud to present you the Online Master Class organized by these two companies. By taking part in this joint master school you will have opportunity to gain the needed knowledge, know-how of two of most experienced companies in the organic mushroom cultivation, from both of perspectives within different markets of Serbia and Netherlands and the rest of Europe as well.

Other Rotterzwam On-sight and Online cources

Grow mushrooms like a pro with Rotterzwam equipment

A good climate in the growing room is vital to produce mushrooms at a profitable yield and decent fruitbody formation. Rotterzwam has a growing room design that fits that purpose. They offer a complete growing room or just a climate wall to insert into an existing space