Yukio Nakajima came to Ekofungi from Japan to do a 3 month internship following the completion of a 3 year Enterprising Leadership program in a Danish business school, called Kaospilot. Here are a few words from Yukio:
My biggest motivation for doing an internship at Ekofungi was my interest in the Blue Economy. My first encounter with Blue Economy was when Gunter Pauli came to Kaospilot to give us a lecture in February 2017. Last year, I met Ivanka at the  Mushroom Learning Network gathering in the Netherlands. During our talk, she was kind enough to offer me an internship opportunity, and I was sure that the internship would be a great experience for me because Ekofungi is one of the most successful cases in the world!
Now I’m at Ekofungi and feeling happy that my intuition was correct, and it is even better than what I had imagined. In the last 3 weeks, I was able not only to observe but also experience the innovative mushroom cultivation process with the warm support of the Ekofungi team. I’m confident that the internship experience at Ekofungi will open up new opportunities in the future for me!