Ekofungi’s Pasta & Risotto Mix

Have you ever heard the legend of grandma’s pasta?

You can bet that that it was made with ripe vegetables grown in the garden, cultivated under the sun and the guardian’s attentive eye. In the comfort of modernity, why should you settle for anything less?

Contains optimally dried: champignon | leek | onion

Quick & Tasty: Mushroom Pasta Recipe

Pour hot water over the Ekofungi’s Pasta & Risotto Mix (the amount of water should be 10 times the amount of pasta mix). Strain the liquid after about 5 minutes, and use the pasta mix vegetables as fresh. Fry them on oil, season to taste, and cook until the liquid part evaporates. Allow to cool down. For the sauce, mix the yogurt with eggs and oil.

Meanwhile cook the pasta, strain the water and immediately mix it with the sauce. Finally, add Ekofungi’s Pasta & Risotto Mix.

Another approach:

Peel potatos and cut it into thin slices. Lay them in an already oiled baking dish. Then pour a sauce over the potato layer, and add a layer of pasta mix vegetables (rehydrated as described). Repeat until all the ingredients are used. Finish with the layer of potato. Bake for one hour at 200°C.

Ekofungi’s Pasta & Risotto Mix
(1 pack)
Pasta of your choice (500 g)
Sunflower oil (3 tsp)
Yogurt (180 ml)
3 eggs
Mineral water (200 ml)
Olive oil (50 ml)