Ekofungi’s Champignon/ Oyster Mushroom Mix

Dried mushrooms — a package of nourishing flavor.

In our farm, we don’t rush our mushrooms. We grant them the time to build the complex flavor that experience and dedicated nurture yield. From our house to yours.

Contains optimally dried: oyster mushroom OR champignon

Mushroom-infused olive oil

Mix the vinegar, water, salt, mushrooms, bay leaf, and cook it for 10 minutes. Decant water and dry the mushrooms with a kitchen napkin. Lay down the mushrooms into a clean jar, add peppercorns, clove, thyme, and pour the oil over the mushrooms to cover. Close the jar, pasteurize it, let it cool down. Keep the jar in a cool and dry place.

Ekofungi’s Champignon Mix (1 pack)
Ekofungi’s Oyster Mushroom Mix (1 pack)
White vinegar (1/2 l)
Water (1/2 l)
Bay leaf (2)
Salt (1 tbsp)
White, red & black peppercorn (several seeds)
Clove (2-3)
Extra virgin olive oil