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Pasta & Risotto Mix

Have you ever heard the legend of grandma’s pasta?

You can bet that that it was made with ripe vegetables grown in the garden, cultivated under the sun and the guardian’s attentive eye. In the comfort of modernity, why should you settle for anything less?

Contains optimally dried: champignon | leek | onion

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Consommé Mix

If food is to be your medicine, look no further than soup.

A warm soothing spoon of freshness is the universal elixir to a speedy recovery. Make sure you get your vitamins in. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Contains optimally dried: champignons | leek | zucchini | carrot

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Gourmet Mix

Food is no less than a fundamental pleasure of life.

Spice up your everyday with simple goodness, and share the love with the ones that matter. Good living doesn’t have to be so difficult.

Contains optimally dried: champignon | onion | parsley root | celery root | carrot | tomato

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Ragù Mix

The smell that brings the flavor of a memory to your tongue.

Take a moment out of your day for a simple ceremony. The table is your altar, and your body your temple.

Contains optimally dried: champignon | carrot | onion | cabbage | red pepper | green pepper | zucchini

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Sliced & Dried Champignons

Always stock your pantry with the vital basics.

Our sliced champignons should be on your list. From morning omelette to stir-fry to pizza night, have the best within reach whenever you may need it.

Contains optimally dried: champignon

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