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Zero Waste Team at Your service: meet the experts
Ekofungi is a team of industry leaders with the highest level of business and ethical standards, committed to sustainable, local and circular production from which everyone benefits.

Ivanka Milenkovic

founder of Ekofungi doo
The founder of Ekofungi and its philosophy and cofounder of Ekofungi Coop. Experts in mushroom genetics. Two decades of global experience developing mushroom cultivation on waste materials. Winner of Success Flower 2014 for womens entrepreneurship in Serbia. Cofounder of AgroNet NGO, with a decade of experience in project management.

Dusan Mirkovic

Machine engineer, co founder of the System Ekofungi Coop.
Cofounder of the  Ekofungi sister company DINA PECURKA, Ltd,    supports the development of the Ekofungi philosophy and Ekofungi business by investing own 30 years long experience in the private business, in the Ekofungi’s pillars. All innovative and standard technical solutions in the production, have been developed and realised thanks of Mr Mirkovic. 
Mr Mirkovic by his charismatic personality clearly dedicate   that  in Ekofungi team nice atmosphere and understanding are inline with responsibility and hard work.

Milos Mirkovic

Sale & Marketing

Junior associate for sale and marketing recently join our team.  parallely with the learning on the Belgrade university, on the faculty of Law, he decided to attend and parallel SME scool and learn about all relevant aspects of the small business. His first great result is Ekofungi position on the AMAZON platform as a brand. This is confirmation that younger generation in combination with experience, really lead toward success. 

Marija Ognjenovic

Expert associate for administrative and financial affair
Dr Jovana Vunduk 
PhD in Food Technology. Researcher at the University of Belgrade Agricultural Faculty with a focus on quality properties of edible mushrooms. Experience with participating in agrifood-startups.
Ivan Bulatovic
Production Manager
van Bulatovic is the member of the team already 10 years. He had built up his carrier in Ekofungi, starting from the position of the worker in the production and reaching the position of the Production manager, and all that in his very young age. Must be taken into the consideration that doing business with the mushrooms is 7/24 work… With Ivan this not very easy organisation is going smoothly.
Prof Dr Miomir Niksic
Dr Jasmina Gimoclija
Dr Marina Sokovic
Dr Milan Adamovic