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A manual to steer through the biological twists and logistical turns inescapable to building a sustainable, beautiful and human-scale mushroom business, regardless whether it is rural, peri-urban or inner-city.

Mushroom production is rooted in science, yet its practice is an art. The fungal organism is uncompromising in how it relates to key aspects of its surroundings, and the success or failure of mushroom production — thus also of the mushroom business — is to a large degree dependent on how the mushroom entrepreneur controls these aspects to meet the biological needs of the fungi.

This book is a collection of experiences and knowledge gathered from mushroom experts and veteran practitioners led by System Ekofungi and Blue Economy. It presents open source best-practices that are replicable, and yet flexible to seize upon local advantages and address local challenges, granting efficiency and financial feasibility and contributing to the local community. It informs, instructs and inspires those with the willpower to harness the exceptional potential of mushrooms for developing their communities, using local resources to create healthy food, value and jobs, while building resilience, providing food security and discovering biodiversity.

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