Ekofungi School – The perfect place to start your life-changing journey

Do you know the story about the man who was fishing by the river?

The man was fishing every day to feed his family. He chose to fish because he was really enjoying it, and yet it was the way to put food on the table. So he loved what he was doing and he didn’t complain. He chose this to be his job and he managed to make his family happy. So he was relaxed and fulfilled.
One day a young man approached him and asked “How’s going? Any fishes today?
“Yes, there’s a couple of fishes every day” the man replied.
“So you fish every day?” the young man was showing interest.
“Yes, it’s my job.”
“So why don’t you use a fishing net?”
“To catch more fish!”
“And then what?”
“Then you can buy a boat!”
“Then you can catch even more fish!”
“Then what?”
“Then you can buy a bigger boat and hire people to fish for you!”
“Why would I do all that?” the man asked.
“So you can relax and enjoy!”
“Yes… but that’s exactly what I’m already doing!” the man replied and gazed back into the water.

I know sometimes it’s very hard to distinguish our needs from our wishes. You can slip into making big wishes very easily, but there’s one more important question – What do I really need to feel peaceful, fulfilled, secured, and what am I going to DO about it?

As one famous German philosopher said – “Act only according to that maxim by which you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law”. Simply don’t do to others what YOU wouldn’t like to experience! This shouldn’t be our behaviour only toward human beings, but the whole environment! We should always keep the consequences in mind when taking actions. Will it hurt somebody? When you experience the basic human need to eat, there’s a huge difference whether you’re going to feed yourself with the fruits from your garden or buy something delivered from the other side of the world, and if you don’t have a garden you should look for a SOLUTION, and this is the bottom line! Everything comes to this at the end. We should always be on a quest for finding solutions for doing better! To ourselves, our families and our livelihood!

You can make paper from wood, but you can make it from stone as well. You can make detergent with chemicals that kill the bacteria in soil, or plants and fishes in a river, but you can make it from orange peels as well. You can produce palm oil and devastate a couple of acres of forests every minute, but you can cultivate mushrooms from a wheat straw waste or used coffee grounds.

So, how are You? And what do YOU DO to make things better?

Feeling pressure that you must work something you don’t actually like much to provide for you and your family?
Thinking often that you will spend more time with your loving ones just after this madness in the office goes away?
Do you feel there’s something you must change but not taking any steps because you’re way too deep in corporate machinery?
Thinking how will I raise my kids?
What will I do for a living?
How will I pay for my mortgage?
When will the pressure go away?

Well… it will never go away if you don’t decide to take action RIGHT NOW!

When we were starting Ekofungi School we didn’t have any clue how our students will benefit from it. We knew that we have a great amount of knowledge to transfer and that there’s a lot of excitement in making people capable running their own sustainable business, but besides that, we were simply hoping for the best from our student’s actions afterwards. Because how fulfilled you will be is a matter of your own actions afterwards.
Today, we have more than 100 students running their own businesses in 30 different countries.
And they all have one thing in common!

They decided to do it! Yes, that’s all what it takes!

We learned this as well when we were at the beginning of our journey! One of the founding fathers of Ekofungi School is our dear friend Gunter Pauli, the mastermind behind the beautiful philosophy of Circular economy! Or just The Blue Economy!

Yes, my friend! The only way is to do it!

The Blue Economy is the philosophy and the Ekofungi is the example that it’s possible to do it practically!
The way of doing business is changing towards empathy for the environment and the local community! Sooner you decide to jump on this wave, sooner you’ll reach a sustainable future. It isn’t about the profit, but about what makes you smile while working hard!

We’re offering you one solution!

To farm the mushrooms successfully using local cellulose waste while reducing energy costs up to 70%! The process is very simple, and it includes a circular mindset of doing business!

You’re using waste as an input for the production, so you make a landfill smile. You’re producing high-quality food, so you make your customers smile. You give your spent mushroom substrate to local farmers to feed their cattle, so you’re making an animals smile. The animals digest the substrate and fertilize the soil, so you’re making the plants smile. During this process, you’re creating jobs to make your community smile, and at the end of the day, YOU are smiling.

And this is what You will experience in Ekofungi School! Smiling and relaxed people with circular mindset. This is something that many of our students have mentioned while explaining their experience in Belgrade, but let me walk you through the actual characters that you will meet.

Dr Jovana Vunduk – This lady has a PhD in industrial microbiology and she will be your

fungal biology lecturer. Entering into the world of fungi with an expert is very valuable for having a bigger picture of your mushroom production possibilities. Which mushrooms I can grow, what kind of creatures are they and what do I need to understand about the environment suitable for their growth.

Prof. Dr Milan Adamović – Our dear friend is a famous professor from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Agriculture. This old school guy with the spirit of a young man will give you the crucial information on how you can use your mushroom substrate after the harvest. This is the highlight of circular economy production. To always be aware and find a solution to use the outputs from your production. Prof. Adamovic has made a dozen scientific researches and he is the man to ask about what is practically most valuable to do with your output. Besides that, he will lead you into the importance of chemical and physical parameters of food for plants, animals and mushrooms.

Dr Sc. Med. Nina Bulajić – This lady is our consultant for nutrition. She is one of the top researchers in this field in Serbia and with many expert publications on this topic she will give you the insight into the effects of mushrooms in nutrition. This knowledge will be especially valuable in your marketing and communication activities with your customers because you will learn the core values and benefits of eating mushrooms. This is the essential purchase trigger for making a buying decision. To explain to your customers what’s in it for them. How the consuming of mushrooms will affect their health condition.

Dr Tibor Kiss – Professor Kiss has been working for the University of Pécs (Hungary), Faculty of Business and Economics since 1980. His main field of research is sustainability in the economy and he’s one of the world’s greatest experts in the field of Blue Economy. If your business needs a boost in terms of ideas and possibilities on how to achieve sustainability, this is the man to talk to. His attitude is in accordance with his last name, so you can ask him anything and he will be eager to help.

Igor Milosavljević is our dear friend and partner from the beginning. The Ekofungi School owes a lot to this expert in business development. He will be guiding you through the actual models that you can implement for a successful business.

Ivanka Milenković – The founding Mother of Ekofungi School. The whole story behind the successful mushroom production on the Blue economy principals was realized by Ivanka. The main reason for your future success lies in practical knowledge which she will share with you. How to prepare for the production, where to look for the substrate ingredients, how to develop your production units, how to prepare the substrate, what mycelium to use, what to look for and what to avoid, how to reduce the energy costs. You will get all the information, but what’s more important you will have the actual insight in Ekofungi facilities and units where all the magic is happening. All our students value this practical insight the most because you can see how things should look like and how you can innovate without investing tons of cash.

You will get the knowledge, the numbers to calculate the scale of your production, the practical insight from Ekofungi production units with the tips and tricks how to arrange them and all the positive energy from the Ekofungi team! And the place where we will meet is the belly of the world, where the east meets the west in its full diversity!
Belgrade is one of the top tourist attractions in the world, so the boat riding, sightseeing, local music, magical cuisine and smiling people are included!

Image by Dejan Dodic from Pixabay

I’m Ivanka Milenković and I encourage You to do it! Start your life-changing journey!
I did it 30 years ago, and it brought me the experiences that I’ve never dreamed could happen. And it all had started with the simple decision.

To do it!